How to get free shipping on Amazon ?

In today’s online shopping world, saving on delivery fees has become crucial. For those who love shopping on Amazon, getting free shipping is a top goal. This guide will show you the secrets to getting free Amazon delivery on your orders. It’s all about ensuring the best value for your money. More info about amazon free shipping on this link.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand Amazon’s free shipping policy and the minimum order value required.
  • Discover the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership and how it can unlock free two-day delivery.
  • Learn about alternative options, such as Amazon Locker and pick-up points, to qualify for free shipping.
  • Explore student discounts on Amazon Prime to save even more on delivery costs.
  • Maximise your savings by combining multiple strategies for free shipping on Amazon.

Understanding Amazon’s Free Shipping Policy

Amazon gives free shipping on many items. This makes it easy for customers to get their buys without extra costs. But, you must meet some rules to enjoy this perk. We’ll check out Amazon’s free shipping policy and how to use it.

Minimum Order Value for Free Shipping

To get free standard shipping on Amazon, you need to spend a certain amount. The exact amount changes based on what you buy and where you live. But, in the UK, it’s usually around £25. Meeting this spend limit gives you free shipping. This saves you cash and makes shopping online cheaper.

Prime Membership and Free Two-Day Delivery

Amazon Prime offers even quicker delivery and more perks. With a Prime subscription, you get free two-day shipping on lots of items. This is without needing to hit a spending target. Prime’s fast delivery is great for urgent buys or surprise gifts.

Feature Free Shipping Amazon Prime
Minimum Order Value £25 or more No minimum order value
Delivery Time Standard Delivery Free Two-Day Delivery
Additional Benefits None Streaming, exclusive offers, and more

“With Amazon Prime, you can enjoy the convenience of free two-day delivery on a wide range of products, making your online shopping experience even more seamless.”

Tips to Qualify for Free Shipping on Amazon

Getting free shipping on Amazon is a big deal. It saves you money and makes delivery easy. Luckily, there are smart ways to get this benefit. Let’s look at how to up your odds for free delivery.

Plan Your Purchases Strategically

To get free Amazon shipping, plan carefully. Note the minimum spend for this offer, it changes with the item and where it’s delivered. Buy more together to reach this limit and cut out delivery charges.

  • Keep an eye on the required spend for free shipping as you shop.
  • Add more items to your basket until you hit the needed total for free delivery.
  • Buy in bigger amounts or get items you often use to meet the limit easier.

Leverage Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime offers you free two-day delivery on select items. If you’re a member, you’ll love the fast, no-extra-cost shipping. No need to worry about order amounts.

  1. Look through the many items included in Prime’s free shipping.
  2. Try out the free Amazon Prime trial to see its benefits for you.
  3. If you shop a lot for free delivery items, think about getting a full Amazon Prime membership.

Watch for Special Promotions and Offers

Amazon has special deals that can score you free shipping without the usual spend requirement. Keep your eyes peeled for these offers.

Promotion Details Potential Savings
Free Shipping Holidays Extended free shipping times come up during holidays and busy shopping times. Enjoy savings without paying for shipping.
Promotional Codes and Coupons Find promo codes or coupons for free shipping, even below the minimum spend. Lower the cost or enjoy free shipping on your order.

Smart shopping, using your Prime perks, and spotting promo deals can all help you get free Amazon delivery. These steps save money and make getting items easy.

free shipping on Amazon

Utilising Amazon Prime Membership for free shipping on Amazon

An Amazon Prime membership lets you enjoy free two-day delivery on many items. By knowing about the membership costs and benefits, you can save money. Also, students can get special discounts on Prime, reducing the yearly cost.

Prime Benefits and Costs

Amazon Prime offers free two-day delivery on lots of products. This is great for people who shop a lot on Amazon. It saves both time and money on shipping.

The price for a yearly Amazon Prime membership in the UK is £79.99. For students, there is a cheaper option at £39.99 per year. This lower cost helps students afford the benefits of a Prime membership.

Student Discounts on Amazon Prime

Students can get a discount on Amazon Prime. This special student plan comes with free two-day delivery and more. It includes Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Reading.

  • The Prime Student plan costs £39.99 a year, which is half of the regular Prime membership price.
  • Students can try Prime Student for six months for free before deciding if they want to pay the yearly fee.
  • They need a .edu email address or proof of student status to get the student discount.

With the Prime Student plan, UK students get free two-day shipping on Amazon. They also get to enjoy lots of digital content. This all comes at a lower price.

Understanding Amazon Prime’s benefits and costs is key for anyone who shops online. Whether you shop a lot on Amazon or are a student, it can lead to big savings. You get to enjoy free shipping and lots of extra features.

Alternative Options for Free Delivery

If Amazon Prime’s membership fee is too much or your order is below the free shipping minimum, you can still get your purchases without extra cost. Amazon gives you two great alternatives: Amazon Locker and Amazon Pick-Up Points.

Amazon Locker and Pick-Up Points

Amazon Locker is a set of secure, self-service kiosks placed in spots like grocery shops, pharmacies, and places where lots of people pass through. It lets you receive your Amazon buys at a Locker near you, using a special code to open it. This comes in handy if you’re not home a lot or dislike your parcels being left outside.

Amazon Pick-Up Points, on the other hand, are locations with people to help you pick up your Amazon stuff. Sometimes found in retail shops, they offer a way for you to get your items when and where it’s good for you. It’s a good choice for those living in flats or worried about items left at their doorstep.

Feature Amazon Locker Amazon Pick-Up Points
Accessibility Widely available in various locations Convenient retail store locations
Operating Hours 24/7 access Dependent on retail store hours
Security Secure self-service kiosks Staffed retail locations
Suitability Ideal for unattended deliveries Suitable for larger or fragile items

Picking Amazon Locker or Pick-Up Points lets you get free delivery and pick up your buys at a time and place that works best for you. Plus, you don’t need Amazon Prime or to spend a certain amount.


By now, you should know many ways to get free shipping on Amazon. We talked about Amazon’s free shipping deal and what size your order needs to be. We also looked at how Amazon Prime can save you money.

Amazon Locker and pick-up points offer special ways to get your items without a delivery charge. Follow the tips we gave you to shop smartly on Amazon. This way, your purchases will come to you for free.

So, getting free shipping on Amazon is all about knowing their rules and using your Prime membership wisely. Make sure to check all the options for getting your items free. With these tricks, you can shop on Amazon without worrying about delivery costs.


What is the minimum order value for free shipping on Amazon?

To get free delivery on Amazon, you need to reach a minimum order amount. How much you need to spend changes by what you buy and where you live. In most cases, you’ll need to spend at least £20 on eligible items.

How does an Amazon Prime membership help with free delivery?

If you sign up for Amazon Prime, you get free delivery in two days. This is on a big selection of items and there’s no minimum spend. Plus, Prime Video, Prime Music and special deals are included.

Are there any tips to help me qualify for free shipping on Amazon?

There are tricks to order free shipping. Make sure your purchases add up to the minimum spend. Look for special deals on Amazon. And choose Amazon Locker or Pick-Up Points for easier delivery.

What are the costs and benefits of an Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime costs £7.99 a month or £79 a year in the UK. Members enjoy free two-day delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, and more. Students can get a cheaper membership too.

What are the alternative options for free delivery on Amazon if I don’t have a Prime membership?

If Amazon Prime isn’t for you and your order’s below the free shipping limit, there are other options. Amazon Locker and Pick-Up Points are free services for collecting your orders.

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