How to Contact AliExpress Customer Service ?

AliExpress needs no introduction as China’s Amazon, offering thousands of products at low prices. Need assistance before placing an order or facing a product issue? This article guides you through contacting AliExpress customer service. With AliExpress’s reliability, expect prompt responses from their after-sales service.

Firstly, we’ll explore the Help Center (FAQ), followed by instructions on emailing, mailing, or calling AliExpress, although these methods aren’t the most efficient. Discover how to reach an AliExpress assistant via social media and directly contact an AliExpress seller for quick answers.

Using the Help Center

By visiting AliExpress’s Customer Service page, you’ll be redirected to the Help Center, featuring FAQs covering common queries like opening disputes, refunds, order status, returns, adding or removing payment methods, and obtaining discount coupons. This resource is handy for resolving straightforward issues.

Aliexpress Help Center
Aliexpress Help Center

You can also utilize the virtual assistant available here. Click on “Chat Now” (or directly here) within the Help Center to interact with a… robot! While not the most effective method, the robot can assist with basic queries.

Aliexpress Chatbot
Aliexpress Chatbot

Update : It is now possible to chat directly with an AliExpress agent by clicking on “Chat with agent now” from the chatbot.

Sending an Email to AliExpress Customer Service

AliExpress doesn’t prominently display an email address for contact. However, you can email AliExpress using those address :

Sending Mail to AliExpress Customer Service

Sending mail isn’t highly efficient as AliExpress doesn’t have a direct postal address. However, Alibaba Group, AliExpress’s parent company, has various addresses worldwide. The Alibaba UK headquarters address is Flat B, 13 Dawes Road, London, England, SW6 7DT6th Floor.

The principal headquarters are in China : 969 West Wen Yi Road, Yu Hang District, Hangzhou 311121, Zhejiang Province, China.

Contacting AliExpress by Phone

Similar to mailing, calling AliExpress isn’t highly effective for common issues. However, if needed, you can reach Alibaba Group at :

  • (+86) 571-8502-2088
  • fax them at (+86) 571-8526-9066.

Contacting AliExpress via Social Media

AliExpress offers support on various social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, X, and others. Engaging in private messaging on these platforms ensures prompt and efficient responses from their customer service team. Additionally, their active presence on multiple channels facilitates seamless communication for resolving queries and addressing concerns effectively.

Contacting an AliExpress Seller

Since AliExpress functions as a marketplace, contacting the seller directly is key for product inquiries or order issues. You can initiate contact from the product page by clicking “Contact” or from your order summary by clicking “Contact Now.”

Contact Aliexpress Seller
Contact Aliexpress Seller

Access the messaging center, by clicking here, to converse with sellers efficiently.

Message center Aliexpress
Message center Aliexpress

This method is highly effective for resolving queries or disputes. If dialogue with a seller fails to resolve an issue, you can escalate it by opening a dispute, where AliExpress steps in to find a solution.

If you’ve struggled to email AliExpress, call them, or chat with a seller, feel free to leave a comment. Share your tips for contacting the site’s customer service.

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